A downloadable dating sim otome

NOTE: This is an Otome, meaning this is a game made with young women/enbies in mind. If you are a guy and want to make a fan-game like mine but with a male main character, then by all means go ahead! 

Fall in love with some of your favorite My Hero Academia characters all over again in this MHA dating sim!

Keep in mind that this is only the pre-alpha, meaning that between now and the full release a lot of things will be changed.

By the full release, I hope to have added:

  • A well fleshed out rendition of the MHA plot up to aprox. season 5
  • Completed routes for Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Denki Kaminari, Ejirou Kirishima, Hanta Sero, Tenya Iida, Hitoshi Shinsou, Ochako Uraraka, and Mina Ashido
    • Possible characters being Shoto Todoroki,  Tsuyu Asui, Kyoka Jirou and Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Multiple endings for each character route including a good & bad ending
    • WARNING - A good handful of the endings will be angsty
  • Completely original character portraits and art 
  • A shop for players to buy various items from
  • A job system in which the player can earn money to spend on food, gifts, and other purchasable items

Further game information and credits down below!


Art (only placeholder art in current project)


  • Chuzou, another MHA visual novel developer, has granted me permission to use her unused music assets. You can find her page here!

Help Wanted (Music)

If you're good at instrumental music -- or know someone who is -- and are willing to help out with the project, please contact me with some samples of your previous work and I'll be sure to get back to you! BE AWARE - any pieces provided should be considered volunteer work; I do not plan to make a steady profit from this game so you will not receive any monetary compensation. You will, of course, be given rightful credits on the game page and twice in the actual game, however.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me via Discord @SpicyPeachDev#4601 or Instagram (it may take some time for me to respond, so I apologize)!

(Over 13k downloads!!)

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Don't get me wrong. And before you say anything... YES I CAN READ! I know this is a Otome novel... But...

Is it TOTALLY out of the question to play as a guy? Like "TOTALLY THROWN OUT THE BACK DOOR" out of question.

Because despite all the doubts that formed as I read the word "Otome" I was pleasantly surprised to find the game... kinda great (Ngl, I thought this was gonna be some cheesy wattpat fanfic come to life.)

Still the problem remains... I'm a guy... you know he/him pronouns. And playing as a girl.... well I don't know how to say this without feeling like a dunce but.... it feels wrong... heck when I typed the name in, I instantly wrote down "Jason"... Safe to say I don't play as a female Y/n often.

You don't need to do it if you don't want to, it's your game and your choice... Same with me... and sadly (and believe me, I know I sound like a total prick) I can't play a Visual novel as a girl... sorry.

Good luck tho, hope you still get some success with this project.

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As a men, I really like that game but it will be VEEEERY cool to, at the start when you enter your name, if we could choose pronous ! (he/him/She/her/they/them...) and if we can choose between a masculine or feminin uniform !! I really am uncomfortable being adress as a girl...But still this game is very cool ! And also I hope there will be a Kirishima rout cuz i LOOOOve him sooo much ^^ 


Like the game so far but if I was the protagonist I would demand to wear the boy's uniform XD

(I don't like wearing skirts so back in my days when I was still in school I always wear pants.)

OMG SAME I would as well XD. Especially if the skirts are short enough for a person like Mineta to look up into XD


Fun game so far. Kinda wish i could play as a guy though.

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there's a few more lines where you said Iida has brown hair not black

I'll take care of it, thanks

no prob its in the same area near where the other person said the other line was i went with the options to break up the fight 

When Y/N (I guess?) sees Bakugo and Iida arguing, it said Iida had black hair, Then it said he had brown hair...

Hi there! I probably mentioned brown hair in reference to Ochako, but there is a chance I messed up while writing. Can you tell me which line it says that Iida has brown hair?

The line was "By the hitch in his voice,  you could tell that the Brunette was taken aback by the blonde's distasteful attitude." and the next line was "He took a second to regain his composure before speaking again."

I see. Thanks for bringing it to my attention; I'll be sure to correct that in the next update :) 

The Game Is So Amazing! But I can't play it:'( I wish it was set on browser it will be so cool!

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It looks SO good already! I have high expectations of it, remember... haha, joking. I don't mean to get you into a feeling of begin pressured, but I REALLY hope this game will be as amazing as it sounds now. You know, I really admire that you'll be drawing the characters yourself and are grateful for explenations in the game. I'm curious... you're doing all this game alone or with someone else?

And a little question. So, I'm epileptic. Will there be any.. flashing effects or something? And if there will, could you please leave a warning? A lot of people just ignore the fact, that some of us have to struggle with epilepsy and we NEED a warning. It's not fun and games *rolled eyes* Btw, I'm not saying you're like that. It's just a question, sorry if the way I put my words are rude. I have crappy personality, heh :D

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! I, too, hope to make this game as amazing as possible ^^

Thank you for the commendation in regards to personally drawing the character sprites myself, and originally it was just me as a one-person team doing everything for the project, but thankfully NynxThinks is now working with me to create the character art instead! I'm ever so grateful for his help since it'll lighten my load and allow me to focus on the story and writing. 

As far as epileptic seizure-inducing sequences, I don't think there'll be any flashing lights or anything worthy of a warning in the game. I'm not epileptic, but I completely understand your, for lack of a better word, annoyance when it comes to people not warning you about flashing lights. If I do add anything that can classify as seizure-inducing, I'll add plenty of warnings in the game beforehand, or even add a mode that removes flashing lights altogether!


I love this game, and I can't wait for future updates^^. Also is it ok is I ask a few questions as I'm planning to make my own dating simulator with renpy. 

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! 

Of course it's fine to ask ^^ What questions do you have?

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1) How long did it take you to to plan and make the game? 2) Do you sometimes feel burnt out with the game. 3) Is it ok if you tell me how you made the profile menu with the character info (I planned to add one, but I don't know how to script it in) sorry if the questions seem annoying or silly. :D

1) Personally, I'm really bad at planning out story-heavy projects, so I'm kind of "planning" as I go. I'll admit that it can be very stressful/annoying when I add to the story and then have to go back to earlier parts and change set-in-stone events because they don't make sense anymore. Try to get in the habit of planning your story out before taking to Ren'Py: it'll make your life a lot easier in the long run if you have an idea of how the story will play out. Unfortunately it's really the only way I can work so I don't ultimately get bored of this project. 

As far as making the visual novel, I can't remember exactly how long I worked on it before publishing it to Itch a year ago. If I had to give an estimate I would say maybe 5 months since I wrote and scrapped the story multiple times before ending up with the one we have now! This update that I'm working on has taken me a while to work on because-

2) I get burnt out on this project especially quick and very often. Having to, as the sole team member, try and juggle school, developing the story, creating art, etc. really stressed me out to no end, and I had to take multiple breaks that ranged from weeks to months to keep going. Thankfully as of late, an artist named NynxThinks reached out to me wanting to create art for the game, so with their addition to the team I'm hoping to get a lot more progress done on the story! 

I just want you to remember that it's okay to take breaks on your project. You shouldn't feel ashamed or that you're letting fans of your game down because you're taking time to yourself, alright?

3) I followed a Ren'Py tutorial for the profile menu! The YouTube channel Zeil Learnings has very usual information about Ren'Py and interesting videos to follow along with! If you have any questions, you can ask her in a video's comment section or reach out via her Discord server ^^

Hope this helped~


Tysm, for answering my questions as it helped a lot, and as someone whose also in school I'll also make sure to make schedule. Once again thank you for the advice. ^^


Of course! Feel free to come back if you have anymore questions ^^


I've made a comment here before and I'm just making another in case you haven't seen! A few months ago I commented about asking if I could assist with character sprites or special character images? You haven't responded last time, which is totally okay! A straight no would be okay too; I would just like to know if it would help with the progress or if you could use any of that! I would love to draw the characters with your natural flow of writing. (Twitter art ref: NynxThinks) Sorry for the bother! <3

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Hey there, Nynx! No need to apologize; it's not a bother at all ^^

I'm sorry about not responding to your previous comment; I did see it, but I was debating for so long on how to answer that I kind of forgot to respond in the first place. 😅

I love your art style and I'd love to have you as apart of the team but I'm afraid that the workload for making sprites would be a lot for you, as it was a lot for the last artist that volunteered (although I'm not sure if that was solely because of the work or balancing with personal life was a lot.. but still.)

As a fellow artist, I understand that making art is time consuming -- it sometimes takes awhile to draw one character, much less over 10 sprites for different characters, not even including pose variations and emotions. I'm fine with putting myself through that amount of artwork, but I don't feel right burdening someone else with that.

Now special character images I could definitely get some help on. 

Would you perhaps be willing to make character cutscenes and special images of that nature for the game? That way you can still be apart of the project making art for characters, but you can create the art in your free time! ^^ (My Twitter is cheyberriart if you wanna talk further btw)

Edit: Grammar.

How do I update the game? I play the windows version.

Hi there! There's no update available yet, unfortunately.

*cries in mobile user*


I haven't finished the game quite yet, but I really enjoy it and so far there haven't been any bugs or anything of the sort. However I do have a small complain, when I downloaded the game I expected the MC to be gender neutral. There haven't been any use of she/her pronouns (yet) but there are some small details which imply that the MC is female. It might seem a bit silly but it triggered me a bit, sense I didn't see any warnings about that. That's the only problem I personally have and I think it would have been nice if there was a trigger warning or something like that. This isn't meant to be a hate comment, I just don't want anyone else to be triggered like myself


I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. In the next update, I'm making it so that you can choose non-binary pronouns instead of having automatic female ones.

I wasn't expecting this project to receive that much attention so I didn't think to add a pronoun selection, but that's definitely a mistake I'm correcting.

Apologies again! 

Thank you, much appreciated!

may i ask if you guys are also looking for chuzou's mha visual novel game, i wanted to update it but when i came to do it, she's suddenly gone, i wanna ask if she's really gone or just moved her game somewhere.

Chuzou's no longer working on that game, unfortunately. She announced on her Tumblr that she wants to move on to other visual novel game projects as she'd been working on the MHA VN for some years now. 

I was already planning on making a My Hero inspired visual novel, but I guess now that Chuzou has discontinued her project I and Cherribomaddict are in charge of finishing the project Chuzou started (not literally).

that's a shame, she's made a lot of progress and updates in the game but she's giving it up now. ill miss it, guess ill have to wait a little more for this game to update a lot, bakugou wait for me

As far as the update, the most recent version of her game is "MyHeroDatingSimulator-0.4-pc". If that's the one you already have installed, then that was the final update for that game, I'm sorry ^^U

*cries in Android user*

After the entire game is completed, I'm definitely up for making mobile game ports! It's just gonna take awhile before that happens, though 😅


So sad there's no Shiggy, but it's ok I understand why there isn't. Good game though, I like it!


Just a suggestion maybe add some of the villains because I'm weird and Himiko Toga is my fav


I mean, Toga would be the only one I could  add to the roster if I added villains because of age yknow? lol

Though I don't really have any current plans to add her in, I'll definitely consider making her a DLC character once the main game is finished ^^


Hey uh im on mac and im having trouble downloading it game as zip file and idk what to do

Hello there ^^

I'm not familiar with Apple software, but assuming it's similar to Windows, did you double-click and extract the ZIP file after the download was finished?


I fixed it! but ty for the help and the games great so far keep up to good work

I'm glad you got it working ^^ 

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm working on the next update right now which I'll hopefully be dropping soon, so stay tuned for that 👀


I understand that he's not a very popular character, but would you ever consider adding an Ojiro route? No worries if not, of course!! I just don't see content with him very often at all lol :)


Maybe I could add him into a DLC with Todoroki, Yaomomo, Jirou and Asui since I'm on the fence about writing for those characters too 

I've never written for him before so I'm not sure if I could do him justice lol, so if you have any ideas for an Ojiro route, I'm all ears ^^


Oooo okay!! I'd absolutely LOVE to help with writing him if you ever choose to add him :DD 

For starters, he's pretty innocent and doesn't get sexual innuendos (this is canon lol), so if there was anything like that it would go right over his head unless it was spelled out for him.

He hates being referred to as "plain," "boring," or anything along those lines. So much so, in fact, that he gets tears in his eyes anytime someone insinuates he is boring. Maybe part of what makes him fall in love with the player could be that they don't see him like that and instead see him as being extremely interesting (as they should lol)?

In one of the team-up missions, he absolutely FLIPS when Hagakure "kisses" him (taps him on the cheek with her fingers, but he thought it was a kiss lol), so it's pretty much canon that someone hitting on him would fluster him.

This one is a personal headcanon, but I definitely see him covering his face with his tail when he gets super flustered LMAO. I also headcanon that he'd refer to his lover as "my dear" and "darling," as well as him absolutely LOVING headpats. You don't have to incorporate these if you don't want to of course lol.

Random tidbit: He can point at things with his tail fluff! It also wags when he's happy, spoofs up when he's shocked or scared, and droops when he's sad/upset. Idk how you'd incorporate this, but I thought it'd be something you'd like to know.

If you'd like to discuss anything further, get more information about him, or simply ask any questions, you're more than welcome to either reply here or email me at icy.cold.lemonade7@gmail.com !

Sorry for the long rant, I just absolutely love him with my entire being lmao

(1 edit) (+1)

OH ANOTHER THING: He doesn't let his emotions get the best of him canonically!!!

Deleted 101 days ago

I think you've mistaken my game for the other My Hero Academia visual novel that was being created by Chuzou; I don't have a Kirishima/Kaminari option like that in my game.

Chuzou's taking a break from developing her MHA game and has since decided to private the game page meaning you can't access it anymore. I understand why there was a mix-up, but to clarify, these are 2 similar games made by 2 different people.

Depending on what the error says, maybe I could assist in fixing the issue, though. Could you send me a screenshot of the error message?


Hello! I wonder if you plan to translate the game into other languages, such as to Portuguese or Spanish, I believe that the game would reach more people with these changes. I'm waiting for an answer. :)


I would need translator volunteers in order to do that, as I am not fluent in any other language besides English. And probably multiple translators for each language at that to verify the legitimacy of the translations.

So even though you're completely right about how it could reach a wider audience, that couldn't really happen without the community's help.


Hi!, I'm sorry for reply this coment. But i'm a person who are from Argentina, So, I know spanish and i would like help you to make this game on the lenguage of Spanish! ^^

(Sorry for the bad inglish, But i'm using the help for the traslator)


Hi there! I am from Argentina too! Would love to give a hand with the translation to spanish.

I already played what's been realeased of the game this far and understood it all so I don't think I would have any problems translating. 

Let me know if you decide to give it a try :)

Hey there, thanks for volunteering! Do you have a Discord or social media account I can contact where we can further discuss some details?


Yes! My user in discord is Melisol#1167, I just sent you a friend request there :)


No need to worry, your english is fine ^^ 

Thanks so much for volunteering! Do you have a Discord or another social media where I can contact you to discuss further details? 


Hi! Thanks. Here my discord Kitty †#8329

Hello, I am a fellow preteen here wanting to know is this game of for preteens? I am fine with mild swearing. I can tell it does have that in the game (THANKS BAKUGO) but you know! So is it ok for a preteen to play?


Made by a teenager for teenagers (preteens included) ^^

Thanks! I will play right away!


Hi I cant use my PC but I wanted to get the game is there a way to get it on my phone

Not currently, no. 

I've been wanting to work on a mobile version of the game but it seems sort of complex at the moment, so I'm going to wait until I finish the game or I have a better understanding of RenPy's phone system


Hii!! I just created myself an account to comment, this game is sooooo good, I've already played some others that were similar to this one but the graphics, the way you tell the story and the little details like how the character is feeling and the sound effects you put just make it all so much better, I really hope you can continue with it soon and that a todoroki route is added haha :)

(Sorry if my message sounds kind of weird, english is not my native language)


No need to worry about your English; your message reads beautifully ^^ 

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game thus far! I was always worried that the sound effects would be too much, but you give me great reassurance! 

Though, Midoriya and Sero's routes are my main focuses currently, a Todoroki route will definitely be added in the future ^^

Stay tuned because there's a lot more to come! Thank you again for your support <3

i dont watch it but ima make the dude hate me lol


it is pretty decent, cannot wait for more days to come :)


How come the file won’t load???


What steps have you taken in order to download the game? Did you unzip the file after downloading?

Sooooo... I just started playing and I genuinely enjoy the dialogue. That said, I'm wondering if there is any NSFW content at all. With the way this is written, I don't mind there not being animations, but I kinda hope for some nudity or naughty banter. Am I wasting my time expecting any of that kind of content or is it already included and I need to keep playing?

If NSFW is what you're wanting, then you're definitely not finding it here lol. I'm glad you enjoy the game's dialogue thus far, but outside of a few risqué remarks every so often, the game is completely SFW

Sorry for responding so late! ^^U 


absolutely loved it! cant wait for the update!! <3


The game is already looking great! I genuinely did have a great time playing through what's out so far, my only complaint is the text font. I, as a dyslexic person, personally find the thin lines of the font hard to read, so maybe you could add optional fonts? I don't know how hard that is to implement, considering i've never coded a game before, but it's just a suggestion! Besides that, everything looks great so far!

I'm so sorry about that! It's gonna be awhile before I make an update to the game since I'm currently taking a break from the project, but I'll definitely add that to my list of things to implement when I start work again ^^. I'm glad you could enjoy the game so far despite the difficulty :) 

When you only play in android :c

Help, im on windows and already downloaded the game but it doesnt open wwhen I click on the file.


Did you extract the ZIP file?

Deleted 180 days ago
Deleted 174 days ago

Just played this game on my phone story is already looking great


Ahh that's so cool! It seems the quick menu doesn't appear on phones, so that's unfortunate... 

I'm glad you're enjoying the game thus far, though! ^^

Yep Great Game! can't wait for the next update,Good luck! ( ╹▽╹ )/


I absolutely love this game already, the writing feels very natural, and I had tons of fun going through it!! If you are interested I'd totally be willing to draw character sprites and character-related things for this game for free! If you don't already have someone doing that? Your choice! You can check out my art on twitter or message me there for more references! :D Have a great day and good luck on the game! <3


I really love this game and hope you continue further developing it.

I'm going to be taking a break from the project for awhile, but I'm definitely coming back to it at some point ^^ 

Thank you so much for your support!! <3


i wish there was a route for aizawa, but a student-teacher relationship would be weird. great game though, thanks a ton for making it! i can finally live through my dating-my-favorite-anime-characters dream 

help i cant download it??? im so confsued im on windows

Hey, I'm sorry for replying so late! Did you click on the red "Download" button on the game page? 


thank you, i just meant like how to open the game aha. i read your reply to the post below though. i love the game so far and i'm excited to keep playing :3 great job <3


hey so after "extracting" both the dn and dn-32 applications, one each then trying both at the same time, it won't open the application to play the game. im running the current windows and everything. i feel dumb cause nothing is working and it only keeps telling me to "extract" before attempting to run. just running it doesn't open it either

I'm so so sorry for replying super late! I haven't really been active on the game page much lately.

I'm not sure exactly where the issue is, so I'll list the steps you should take in order to properly run the game. (You can ignore the first 2 steps if you want)

1) Find the red download button on the game page. (When it asks if you want to buy the game for $1.00, find and click "No thanks, just take me to downloads" near the top)

2) Since you're using Windows, click the topmost Download button and wait for the game to download to your browser. Once it's finished, click the downloaded file on the bottom of the screen and wait for your files to open

3) Click the "Extract" button like you'd done previously, and when the location menu pops up, make sure to check the "Show extracted files when complete" box. Then, press the confirmation button and wait for everything to extract.

(There should be 2 file windows afterwards: 1 that has the "Extract" button at the top and 1 that doesn't. Make sure you're on the window that does not have the "Extract" button. )

4) Find the folder named "mha_vn_dn-1.0-pc". Double click that folder, and then double click the 2nd folder. Underneath the 3 folders named "game", "lib", and "renpy" is the actual visual novel ("mha_vn_dn"). 

5) Finally, double-click the application and the game should start up soon after!

I hope this helps ^^


I cannot wait! It's amazing!

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